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Oven/BBQ Cleaning

  • Non caustic chemical
  • Change bulb if matches with ours
  • Take out glass (80%)
  • Included oven’s trays and rack

we take responsibility for our work, and for your environment, because we believe that what is good for the environment is also good for business. Your home can become chemical and toxin free for the first time in decades whilst keeping your home free from bacteria, grime and mold. We use natural citrus-based products that don't compromise the environment or your health. In oven clean we use non caustic chemical to clean your oven. It will be ready anytime to use after clean finished. We will take out the 80% glass and clean inside. . Some glasses are hard to take out because of factory fitting. Some other glasses, we use other technic to clean without taking out. We clean all trays and rack belongs to oven. No need to provide anything. We have everything that we need it during clean. Check our before after picture.